A Red Fire

Artwork Description

A secret is something that consumes us, burns us, plunges us into the deepest loneliness—that of not being able to share what matters most to us, moves us or makes us suffer. How to put words (and images) to a secret, to something that, by definition, cannot be told? A secret is a red fire. This picture book is the impossible companion of those who keep a secret. It offers comfort to those who feel consumed by that red fire. It is a breath of fresh air…

A red fire 1: The fire

A red fire 2: The escape

A red fire 3: Laugh and sing to heal

A red fire 4: Circle of families

A red fire 5: The healing

Paloma Corral Fuentes

Female Spain 1982 hola@palomacorral.com

City of birth Madrid

Now lives & works in Madrid

Techniques used Charcoal, colour pencil, burnt lemon

Published/Unpublished Not published