Where to go?

Artwork Description

Created with acrylic paint on wooden board, the long frame of the images invites the viewer to extend their gaze across the images from left to right. The five artworks form a linear continuum, which is designed to be read just like a comic book. The layout of the images in this way symbolises the transition from day to night. Through the various scenery, we follow the protagonist along an ordinary day in his simple life.

Where to go?No.1

Where to go?No.2

Where to go?No.3

Where to go?No.4

Where to go?No.5

Tzu-Yu Huang

Female Taiwan, China 1994 hcps2684@gmail.com

City of birth Taichung

Now lives & works in Taichung

Techniques used Acrylic, wood, digital

Published/Unpublished Not published