The Secret of Grandpa Bear (El secreto de abuelo oso)

Artwork Description

It is winter and the bear has lost one of his most important secret, a special memory. How could he forget where he put it? With the help of the crow, we finally discover what the bear had hidden in the spring—the secret of nature, the change of the seasons. The illustrations' palette shows this transition, from colder, whiter and flatter colours to an explosion of tones and textures. After the night, spring awakens, and the big bear falls asleep.

"The Secret of Grandpa Bear" 001

"The Secret of Grandpa Bear" 002

"The Secret of Grandpa Bear" 003

"The Secret of Grandpa Bear" 004

"The Secret of Grandpa Bear" 005

Zuzanna Celej

Female Poland 1982

City of birth Lódz

Now lives & works in Rocacorba

Techniques used Watercolor and collage on paper

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2019

ISBN Number 978-84-8464-427-9

Publisher Published in Spain by Kalandraka Editora