Tales of My Family’s Hair

Artwork Description

A haircut is not only about beauty or fashion, it actually forms an important part of one’s self-expression and identity. Hair can reflect a person's interests, age, experiences, cultural background, religion, beliefs, occupation, or dreams... Through this humorous series of illustrations, I hope to inspire readers to view hair from a new perspective, and to respect the stories our hair wants to tell.

grandma's hair shows who her favorite is

grandpa is too wise to have hair, but he still has to wear one for work

dad's hair reflects his goal of the year

aunty's hair tells a beautiful story of where she is from

all my families' hairstyles are great

Thea Lu

Female China 1990 thealu8lxy@gmail.com

City of birth Tianshui

Now lives & works in shanghai

Techniques used Oil ink, colour pencil, collage

Published/Unpublished Not published