Dante, my father

Artwork Description

Dante, my Father features three songs of the Divine Comedy, to narrate the journey undertaken by Enrica Boccaccio—a young girl left orphan—and Sister Beatrice, who was Dante's daughter in real life. Enrica faces the journey with the innocence and purity that only children possess. At the end of the journey, Enrica doesn’t feel lonely anymore and decides to stay with Sister Beatrice. The two women will remain connected by the tender memories they hold of their fathers.

The crusader deer

Reading in the garden

The door to hell and the three animals


Cerberus, the three-headed dog

Michael Bardeggia

Male Italy 1993 bardeggiamichael@gmail.com

City of birth Pesaro

Now lives & works in Pesaro

Techniques used Acrylic, pantone, pencil and pen

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2020

ISBN Number 888072-276

Publisher Published in Italy by Arka Edizioni