A Song for the Trees

Artwork Description

A song, or a prayer, to educate to respect nature and establish a relationship of mutual exchange between men and trees. A major topical issue, environmental exploitation is shown with brilliant colours and a choral text. This story encourages us to go beyond human arrogance and plant new seeds of hope and forgiveness.

We loves trees, they always protect us and take care of us.

They are food and medicine. They are source of wisdom.

A deep sadness invaded us.

People from other lands broke our hearts.

We asked the moon and the stars to forgive those brutes; they do not know trees are our sacred treasure.

Vanina Starkoff

Female Argentina 1981 vanina.starkoff@gmail.com

City of birth Buenos Aires

Now lives & works in Rio De Janeiro

Techniques used Acrylic and digital

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2017

ISBN Number 9788865801710

Publisher Il Leone Verde