A La Vista

Artwork Description

If you have got eyes, this book is made for you. And if your eyes are those of a keen observer, then you will really like this adventure. If you have also got a mouth, you will enjoy telling all the stories going on across these images. Take an island, nature and human beings: could anything go wrong? A la Vista (In Sight) is a funny story on how important it is to take care of our planet and build a sustainable environment. Conceived as a detective game, the reader is invited to discover the many different plots hidden page after page. Who has caused what? Where is the main character? How can he save himself? What are the seagulls doing? Only skilful readers will find the answers inside a story where each character plays a crucial role and every detail has a narrative function.

Daniel Montero Galán

Male Spain 1981 ilustrador@danielmonterogalan.com

City of birth Madrid

Now lives & works in Madrid

Techniques used Marker pen on cardboard, retouching and digital composition

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2017

ISBN Number 978-84-947462-0-8

Publisher Libre Albedrío