Le Potager

Artwork Description

In the town, everyone is sleeping. But not Paul. Paul mows. Paul rakes. Paul sows. Paul draws water. And soon Paul has beautiful plants and flowers growing all around him. But one day, the water dries up. The sun beats down. Paul despairs. But thanks to his animal friends, and a bit of rain, help is on the way... A simple story full of emotions, Le potager (The Farmer) is a thought-provoking philosophical fable. Ximo Abadía’s singular style uses simple, clean illustrations and striking superimposed layers of colours to trigger our freedom of imagination.






Ximo Abadía

Male Spain 1983 ximoabadia@gmail.com

City of birth Alicante

Now lives & works in Madrid

Techniques used Oil pastel and watercolour

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2017

ISBN Number ISBN 978-7-5133-3147-0

Publisher La Joie de Lire