Artwork Description

2250 is a book project which focuses on an increasingly important topic—the impact of people on Earth—, on which the singular techniques used in this work intend to bring a new and fresh point of view. When mankind loses control of its behaviour, the keepers of the Earth depicted as small spirits decide to leave the humans and hide inside a plastic bottle where they will hibernate until 2250. By destroying its environment, mankind has lost everything. The illustrations are embossed, creating raised pattern and reliefs that remind of ghosts and gaps—they metaphorically represent the gaps we leave in our lives and the things we should have treasured more in the past.

The missing forrest

Losing animals

The cry

Floating in trash

New Era

Veronica Neacsu

Female Romania 1983 veronicaneacsuillustration@gmail.com

City of birth Bucharest

Now lives & works in Bucharest

Techniques used Pencil, marker, emobossing/debossing on paper with printing press and collage

Published/Unpublished Not published