Wilbur Can't Sleep

Artwork Description

This is the story of Wilbur who can’t get to sleep. At night, when everybody else is resting, he awakes all the other animals in the jungle to ask them why he can’t sleep. Let’s see what happens in the following morning, when Wilbur finally feels tired after flying around all night and the other animals start to wake up... Story and texts by Davide Cali.

Wilbur cannot sleep

why can't I sleep?

The whole jungle wakes up with the sun

Hey! Will you let me sleep, please?


Anna Aparicio Català

Female Spain 1991 anna.aparicio.catala@gmail.com

City of birth Barcelona

Now lives & works in Barcelona

Techniques used Digital and Photoshop

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2020

Publisher Nube Ocho