Quill Soup

Artwork Description

Noko the porcupine is tired and hungry but no one in the animal village will give him anything to eat. Noko comes up with a clever plan to trick the animals into sharing their food! The book was illustrated and designed to subtly comment on a global issue: how we treat strangers and refugees. Noko is depicted in a style completely different to the rest of animals: he clearly is an outsider always kept at a distance. Hopefully readers will be inspired to think about the way they view and treat strangers seeking help.

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Dale Blankenaar

Male South Africa 1985 dblankenaar@gmail.com

City of birth Cape Town

Now lives & works in Cape Town

Techniques used Spray paint, gouache and digital

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2019

ISBN Number 9781910328408

Publisher Tiny Owl