Journey to Mars

Artwork Description

It is a big day for Joan and Hector! They have been selected to be the first animals to travel to Mars! Their rocket leaves the Earth with a speed of 7,900 metres per second, and they begin a journey of 54,600,000 kilometres. They are going to spend 270 days together before landing... What can they do in all this time? They can read 100 books, watch 1,500 movies, or listen to 40,000 songs. But Joan is bored and he has a better idea! He decides to speed up the spaceship and, of course, things start to go wrong... How do we spend time while waiting and expecting something unknown? What can we do when we are alone in space?

Leaving the Earth's orbit successfully, they begin the solo journey of 54,600,000 kilometers.

They are going to spend 174 days together before landing? What can they do in these days?

They can count 5,000 stars, pass 100 meteorites, and say hi to 3 aliens!

The spaceship is moving fast, but so is the meteorite!!

Now the spaceship is moving slow. Why not spend the time to learn Martian's language?

Kin-Choi Lam

Male Hongkong, China 1988

City of birth Hong Kong, China

Now lives & works in Cambridge

Techniques used Ink, mono-print, screen print and digital collage

Published/Unpublished Not published