Beeep Beep

Artwork Description

There is a scary darkness at the root of everything we have built and “Beeep Beep” is its signal. It is the signal of climate emergency, which we have all been hearing for a long time but have somehow managed to ignore. In my illustrations I try to show human construction, with all its clogs and wheels, in an absurd and critical way. The storyline is set in a city similar to any other, where an important conference on inventions is taking place. All these inventions are supposed to improve human life but, as the story will prove, it is quite the opposite. In fact, the conference is interrupted by a flood and none of the new inventions can control it. The only thing left at the end of the story is a clear message—we must start using empathy to ensure a better tomorrow.

Traffic jam


Another day begins

I must hurry

Zane Zlemeša

Female Latvia 1988

City of birth Bauska

Now lives & works in Berlin

Techniques used Gouache and pencil

Published/Unpublished Not published