Worth Laughing

Artwork Description

This book contains poems for children by Polish classic writer Jan Brzechwa. The main aim for me as an illustrator was to create a parallel voice pairing the text. Sometimes my images follow the poems strictly; sometimes they invent something that is not mentioned in text; in a few cases they even mock the poems as I found a few of them irritatingly out of date (they were written in the 1960’s). The illustrations are conceived as river-like strips connected with each other across the spreads through a consistent use of colours and other graphic elements.

The Panther in a ZOO

The Dog that speaks Czech

People carrying their houses

Hands and feets


Paweł Mildner

Male Poland 1986 pawelmildner@gmail.com

City of birth Wrocław

Now lives & works in Wrocław

Techniques used Ink and pencil drawing, paper cut-out, Photoshop

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2018

ISBN Number 978-83-65502-27-8

Publisher Warstwy