The King Who Banned the Dark

Artwork Description

The King Who Banned the Dark is about a young prince with a fear of the dark who, when he grows up and becomes king, decides to ban it. At first, when he installs an artificial sun, and enforces “anti-dark” laws, it seems like a good idea. The citizens don’t need to worry about any of the scary things that might live in the dark. But soon the citizens cannot sleep and begin to revolt. The idea arose while walking around the city on winter nights. I wanted to create a book that would show how beautiful the darkness can be. As the idea developed I saw that it would also be an opportunity to comment on themes of power and rebellion.

Title page

There was once a little boy who was afraid of the dark

He decided that when he grew up, he would do something about the dark

The people stayed up all night celebrating

But soon they were just tired

Emily Haworth-Booth

Female United Kingdom 1980

City of birth London

Now lives & works in London

Techniques used Charcoal, conté crayon, pencil, ink and watercolour

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2018

ISBN Number 9781843653974

Publisher Pavilion