Ein Fingerhut Voll Mut

Artwork Description

A tiny girl conquers the world: potted plants are a wonderful climbing park, and a water glass is the perfect swimming pool. But there is a mysterious shadow lurking beyond the books and paper clips. The little girl gathers her courage and prepares to defend herself. But wait, could this fluffy, purring creature be a friend? Ein Fingerhut Voll Mut is a story about anxiety and the courage required to break out of it. Everyone is scared of something, whether it is meeting new people or moving to a new place. The little girl represents this vulnerable side within us and shows us how sometimes a little courage can result in many positive surprises. Colour pencil, graphite and digital painting Published in Switzerland by NorthSouth Publishing House in 2019

Quests Among Plants

Lurking Shadow

Easy Now...

New Friendship

Look What I Found

Taltal Levi

Female Israel 1991 taltalevi@gmail.com

City of birth Yodfat

Now lives & works in Basel

Techniques used Colour pencil, graphite and digital painting

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2019

ISBN Number 978-3-314-10489-3

Publisher NorthSouth Publishing House