The Fabulous Moscow Residents

Artwork Description

The architectural images and fabulous animal-heroes were created to symbolise the historical and cultural background of Moscow in the most authentic way. In the neighbourhoods behind the Moscow River lies an amazing wonderland. A walk around this wonderful place takes us to meet its mystical residents and the beauty of its old-fashioned streets. A Lion guards a 19th century classical building, a Red Horse and a Wolf runs away from the famous pictures of the Tretyakov Gallery, the city’s oldest art museum. In addition, two contemporary heroes— a boy and a crow—keep company to their weird and fantastic friends.

a red flower

a passage

a silver lion

some fabulous Moscow residents

an observer

Maria Titova

Female Russia 1988

City of birth Moscow

Now lives & works in Moscow

Techniques used Handmade stencils with some digital correction

Published/Unpublished Not published