Alberta's Treasures

Artwork Description

Alberta Brocante is able to see the beautiful and poetic side of the everyday objects she sells in her shop. She lives in a small town by the sea and owns a lovely “brocante”—a little shop where you can find a bit of everything and anything. People rarely step inside Alberta’s shop, until the day word gets out that she has found the perfect gift for a busy and stressed business man: an object that grants him the gift of more time. From that moment, her shop fills with customers all wanting to see by themselves if Alberta can really find the perfect treasure to fulfil any wish. But what could Alberta possibly have on her own wish list?

The city and Alberta's store

In the morning, Alberta is cleaning her store

People are telling their wishes to Alberta

Alberta found a nice sparkly bait for Pepe the fisherman

Happy customers are leaving Alberta's store

Martina Walther

Female Switzerland 1983

City of birth Oberdiesbach

Now lives & works in Lucerne

Techniques used Collage, pencil, crayon and gouache

Published/Unpublished Not published