Among Fascinating Creatures

Artwork Description

Did you know that centipedes are among the oldest creatures on Earth? Or that pandas spend most of their days eating bamboo? That sperm whales sleep in an upright position? How are the lives of animals affected by humans? Among Fascinating Creatures is a wild nonfiction book about animals, presenting curious facts about wildlife whilst pondering the role and responsibility we humans have in caring for our planet. An original concept by Laura Merz, with texts by Aino Järvinen.

Our Wonderful Planet





Laura Merz

Female Finland 1982

City of birth Lohja

Now lives & works in Berlin

Techniques used Ink drawing, oil pastel drawing and digital composition (Photoshop)

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2019

ISBN Number 978-952-7105-42-9

Publisher Etana Editions