Van Dog

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Artwork Description

It is a story of an artist who one day rides into the countryside to paint a masterpiece. Whilst focussed on his canvas, the landscape in front of him slowly unfolds in weird and wonderful ways: a snail nibbles on a mushroom; ants gather to work; a fisherman waits for his catch, and a giant lizard monster sets off on a journey to Tokyo. Despite all these distractions the determined artist struggles to complete his picture. The picture book touches on the philosophy of art and creation act.

What a beautiful day!

Which way to Tokyo?

Ice Cream!


Good Night!

Gosia Herba

Female Poland 1985

City of birth Oława

Now lives & works in Wrocław

Techniques used Gouache and coloured-pencils on paper, digital.

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2021

ISBN Number 9788327662521

Publisher Van Dog, published by Harper Collins Polska (Poland)