Cathy Long Cat

Artwork Description

Every person has shortcomings and weaknesses. Recognising one’s potential and developing it leads to success and perfection. This picture book intends to teach children to spend more time understanding their potential and abilities, and not being disappointed or afraid of their weaknesses. Cathy, an extra-long cat whose length provides her pros and cons, will guide kids through accepting their differences.

Cathy is playing hide and seek, can her friend find her?

She could not fit in the photos.

However this difference have some benefits for her, She can have a nice gathering with her friends.

She can help her friends pass the puddle while playing.

And best among them, Cathy can turn off the light whenever she is asleep

Donya Maghsoudlou

Female Iran 1986

City of birth Gorgan

Now lives & works in Tehran

Techniques used Pencil, Digital

Published/Unpublished Not published