Together, Solidarity among Animals

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Artwork Description

“Ensemble” (Together) is about animals living in groups. It explores different species of animals who choose to live in society and the various reasons they do so: safety, food, hunting, protection, etc. The book was made with stencils, making each animal look similar but slightly different.

Together. A starling flock

Together. A colony of flamingos

Together. The penguins children kindergarden

Together. Herings form a shoal to stay safe

Together. Hippos crowd in the river searching for cooling

Joanna Rzezak

Female Poland 1988

City of birth Warsaw

Now lives & works in Paris

Techniques used Stencil, stamp and gouache

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2019

ISBN Number 9782330128562

Publisher Ensemble: les animaux solidaires, published by Actes Sud Junior (France)