Sky Signs - Acqua Di Parma


Artwork Description

This collaboration is a project created for Acqua di Parma, a perfume brand, which involved the handmade customization of perfume bottles, for sale in Italy (shop in via Montenapoleone in Milan), France (Le Bon Marché), England (Harrods) and China. The design is inspired by themes rooted in Italian culture and identity, from popular traditions to the magnificence of architecture. My project is inspired by the starry skies painted on the ceilings of churches, the zodiac and the glass art of Venic

Design of the zodiac signs used to personalize the cap of individual perfume bottles.

Entire collection of customized Colonia perfume bottles.

Anna Spreafico personalizing perfume bottles live in the Montenapoleone shop (Milan)

Hand painted perfume bottle

My project on Acqua Di Parma Website

Anna Spreafico

Female Italy 1997

City of birth Lecco

Now lives & works in Milan

Techniques used Acrylic, Digital

Type Design, Product and Packaging

Commissioned / Uncommissioned Commissioned

Name of Commissioner Company Acqua Di Parma S.r.l.