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After venturing outside to find someone to play with, an inquisitive black cat gets lost in the city. He dreams of seeing his family again but is convinced he has become invisible. This is a charming story about feeling alone, looking for what you think has been lost and finding your way home again.

Cat pictured a lonely life

He ventured outside hoping to find someone to play with

No one seemed to notice him

Not only that he was invisible, he was also lost

He dreamed of being home again

Alexandra Mirzac

Female Romania 1988 alexandra.s.mirzac@gmail.com

City of birth Bucharest

Now lives & works in Bucharest

Techniques used Mixed Media (with linocut and collage)

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2020

ISBN Number 9781849767330

Publisher Lost, published by Tate Publishing (United Kingdom)