Le Tigri Della Malora

Artwork Description

Le Tigri Della Malora (The Tigers of Mompracem) is a tribute to Emilio Salgari. When word spreads out that the famous author has passed away, a group of children teams up in Turin to say their final goodbye to the beloved writer. However, the news is too hard for them to believe, and they decide to seek the truth about his disappearance. This is how they finally find themselves inside Salgari’s house surrounded by statuettes of gods, daggers, scimitars, animals and other crazy objects—a place where they will find hidden treasures and new ways to look at the future.

The kids gather to say a final goodbye to the Captain

The kids going to Salgari's home

Salgari's house

Salgari's studio is a coffer of treasures

Close encounters with Salgari's animals

Marta Pantaleo

Female Italy 1990 martapantaleo@yahoo.it

City of birth Roma

Now lives & works in Roma

Techniques used Digital

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2019

ISBN Number 9788832070224

Publisher Orecchio Acerbo