Luca's Secret

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Luca is the best garage mechanic in town! But when evening falls, on his way out of the workshop, he has to meet his great friend Giovanni, who entrusts him with a mysterious object that needs his care. Not an engine this time, but a delicate, ethereal music box to be repaired. Yes, because his greatest passion is sweet, melodious music boxes! Behind such a rough appearance, lies a poetic and sensitive heart, a soul that dreams of dances, colorful dresses and enchanted palaces.

The meeting

The discovery

The dream

the promise

The choice

Naida Mazzenga

Female Italy 1991

City of birth Sora

Now lives & works in Barcelona

Techniques used Digital

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2021

ISBN Number 9788867998050

Publisher Il secreto di Luca, published by Edizioni Clichy (Italy)